GPS Based Passenger Information System


Remote Data Exchange - a pioneer in the GPS Based Passenger Information System (PIS) in Railways has successfully completed a technology demonstrator for PIS on Indian Railways. The solution developed entirely in-house competes with the very best wordwide. Along-with PIS, full fledged entertainment sub-system comprising of an Video Entertainment and informative movie clips for particular stations makes this system ideal.

The Southern Central Railway (SCR) division impressed with performance of the system and has decided to adopt the system for wider implementation on more trains. Presently the system is running on Mumbai CST to Nanded, Tapovan Express. The system will also be commissioned on number of trains of Central Railway shortly.

RDXs GPS based Passenger Information System is a State-of-the-art solution developed specifically for Indian Railways. It is a highly scalable system having options of a wide variety of displays (From LED displays to LCD Screens) and voice announcement systems to be interfaced to the same Core Module. The system has been designed for rugged operations and has a special anti-theft industrial package.

Using the desired combination of Display and Announcement Systems and interfacing them to the Same Core Module the system becomes suited for