About Us

Tracking System

Remote Data Exchange (RDX), is a Pune India based company working on cutting edge technologies. RDX is a different kind of technology firm. We have been helping our clients build stronger businesses and relationship with their customers since 2003.

RDX is working on a world-class product in the location based services industry for its overseas client, Which will define and set the new heights in the technology as well as pricing of the whole system, Which in effect will change the scenario of tracking business in India.

Remote Data Exchange is a leading-edge solutions provider bringing the most innovative solutions in GPS based applications and Mobile applications. We enable companies in India to benefit from the newest technology products that leverage the advances in GSM technology to address the needs of enterprise, transportation, oil companies across the glob. Remote Data Exchange(RDX) is a reupted company in the world of mobile communication. RDX represents and supports a large portfolio of product lines focusing on Vehicle tracking , Personal tracking, Mobile Tracking, Fleet Management, Home Security, Mobile Application Development for small, mid and large size enterprises.

The majority of our projects are web development projects. We specialize in creating web based functionality, such a product catalogs, online payments, web based databases, plus all kinds of other website features that our clients have asked of us. Chances are,

You can dream it, We can build it.

Simply put, we design, develop and manufacture the electronic circuitry with Embedded code and PC side Software that your product needs. In other words we give your product

"An in-built brain".